Program Controls

Page updated 1 October 2007

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This section provides details of those dialogues that control the way nPOPuk operates. You should also see the Setup Section for those elements normally only used on installation.:

Address Book:
How to get the best out of nPOPuk's address book. Although crude compared with those in some programs, it will be adequate for most users, when its properties are known.
Address Information:
Lists all addresses contained in message headers which can then be used to send new mail and replies and populate the Address Book
Controls where downloading of mail starts when checking the server
Finds text in the subject or body of a message, or the entire folder.
Contains all the header and other message related data that is part of an outgoing message.
Used to add direct recipients, carbon copy and blind carbon copy data to the Property dialogue.
Attach Files:
Used to add the details of files to be attached to messages.

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