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Page updated 15 January 2008

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nPOPuk is an ultra-small, but comprehensive, e-mail client that runs on a wide range of Windows-based operating systems.

The nPOP Mail window with open message window

nPOPuk (v2.09) offers a dramatically expanded feature set (See the Features page) compared with Tomoaki Nakashima's original nPOP. To achieve these improvements, the structure of the data files had to be changed and they are not backwards-compatible with the original program. This accounts for the decision to change the name. nPOPuk was chosen as it was programmed and compiled by a group co-ordinated from the UK.

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Although this site only documents the Win32 version of nPOPuk, an active Mail List has many subscribers using a variety of handheld platforms. It is rare for handheld user's question not to get an answer that solves their problem.

In addition, a member of the development team runs a site that offers hints and tips for hand-held, mainly PPC, users. Throughout this site,  the "Tip for Windows Mobile" button will take you to the relevant page on the site.

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The site was created by Greg Chapman, a user of the Win32 version of nPOP since 2 November 2002. His programming experience is limited to fading memory of Z80 Assembler and DOS Batch files, and he has no knowledge of the other platforms for which the program is available.

Believing that the original program deserved some fuller English documentation, Greg created this site at the end of 2002. Now it has become the focus for further development of what is hoped to become the premier portable e-mail application.

Credits to all those volunteers who have helped make nPOPuk what it is today appear on the Development History page!

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